Biodynamic Agriculture

The Development Of The Farm Organism

The motivation behind the practical work carried out on Biodynamic farms is with the aim of making the farm self aware. Firstly to come to know itself and it’s boundary then it’s place on the earth and finally in the ever expanding universe.

An image often used to help develop the mental conception of the Biodynamic Farm is that of an inverted human. So the head is in the soil and corresponds to the plant roots. The plant leaves relate to the lungs with their respiration and then naturally the flower head can be seen as the reproductive organs. Essential to the heart of a Biodynamic farm is livestock and the cow. What we call preparations are made using cow dung filled into cow horns and buried for the winter period. Horn silica is made with finely ground quartz added to the horns and buried for the summer months. Once dug up the preparation are stored carefully and small amounts are added to water in a barrel or stirring machine. Stirring for 1 hour potentizes the liquid which will be spread on every field of the farm.

Composting is essential to the development of the Biodynamic farm something and where we use our compost preparations to bring in the influence of the planetary forces which mediate various processes in the soil. The result of all this work is tasted in food of outstanding quality.
I would like to help those who are interested to learn about Biodynamic farming and also people who would like to have a Biodynamic “experience” through open days and stirring events where you can be part of treating the land with subtle but powerful forces.